Optimise Carrd: Compress User Images Before Upload

We use CropGuide to compress user images before upload on a Carrd site, no technical skills required.

First we need to install CropGuide for Carrd. Then we can set up image compression. This might sound like a lot, but don’t worry, it’ll only take a couple minutes.

Try a live CropGuide demo on our landing page

Set the image compression amount

We can set our intended compression amount in the CropGuide customer dashboard, this will ensure images uploaded by your users will always be compressed before they’re uploaded resulting in shorter upload times.

  1. Select your website in the Customer dashboard.
  2. Scroll towards the Configuration heading.
  3. Then scroll down towards the Image Quality heading. A screenshot of the CropGuide dashboard showing a range input to control the output image quality
  4. The higher the value the higher the image quality and the bigger the image size in bytes. We can set it to 70% to get a good compression to image quality ratio.
  5. Click save.

If you want to make sure the images users upload contain enough details, you can optionally set the Minimum Crop Size field. This will prevent users from uploading low resolution images.

Now navigate to the form on your website and refresh the page so we can test if our new settings have loaded.

Test your image upload field

When using the image upload field on your Carrd site, CropGuide will now ensure every image is compressed before upload, resulting in faster uploads, less disk usage, and lower costs for you.

Try a CropGuide demo on the site, or reach out if you have any questions.

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