Instantly add an Image Cropper to any File Upload Field

Crop images before upload and help your customers upload better photos.

  • A photo on a passport is selected Photos not the right size? Every photo cropped to the correct aspect ratio.
  • Small and big images are scaled Resolution too high or low? Auto scale down big photos and block the ones that are too small.
  • A photo of a house is flipped upside down Pictures upside down? The picture orientation is auto-corrected for you.

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The CropGuide photo editing technology is trusted by amazing companies

  • Dropbox
  • Square
  • ConvertKit
  • Funda
  • Global

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It's super fast and works on both mobile and desktop devices.

In this demo we'll enforce a square crop, resize big images down to 512 × 512 pixels, and prevent adding images smaller than 256 × 256

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Seamless image cropping with popular NoCode services

Automagically adds photo editing capabilities to any file upload field.

CropGuide catches photos before they're uploaded and hands them back to your site after editing. This all happens in the browser, no image data is sent to our servers.

We've successfully tested CropGuide with the services below and are confident it'll work fine with other services as well.

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Easily add our image cropper to your website

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Common problems CropGuide solves for you

Save time manually correcting image issues in the backend.

Crop to a fixed aspect ratio

Adjust the crop, zoom, and rotate the image to make the perfect selection within the defined restrictions.

Original Result
A 2048 pixel wide image 2048 × 1536
Image is cropped to a 512 pixel wide square 512 × 512

Scale down big images

Users no longer receive a "file too big" warning, CropGuide automatically scales images to a maximum size.

Original Result
A huge 6000 by 4000 pixel image 6000 × 4000
The image is scaled down to 1024 times 768 pixels 1024 × 768

Auto-correct image orientation

Orientation of mobile photos can be incorrect resulting in flipped images. Our editor automatically fixes this for you.

Original Result
A landscape image rotated 90 degrees 1536 × 2048
The same image but oriented correctly 2048 × 1536

Block low-quality images

Low-quality images never look good. Set a minimum size to prevent low-quality images from ending up in your database.

Original Result
A low resolution image 256 × 192
No image is added Not added

Auto-convert image format

Automatically convert unconventional image formats to a different format. For example HEIC to JPEG.

Original Result
Image is now a JPEG JPEG

A wide range of options helps you define the perfect image.

CropGuide handles the art direction.

Image requirements

Image minimum size Minimum image size to allow.
Image aspect ratio The aspect ratio of the output image.
Output size The image output size.
Quality The amount of compression to apply to the image.
Format The image format, a JPEG, PNG, or WEBP image.
Fit How to resize the image when no aspect ratio is set.
Upscale Should the editor upscale images smaller than the defined output size.
Background color The background color to use for transparent images.
Mask Optionally apply a circular mask to the image.

Editor configuration

Aspect ratio presets A list of aspect ratio options to show in the editor.
Theme Which theme to use for the editor. Supports bright and dark mode.
Guide Show a circular crop overlay to help with cropping profile pictures.
Locale The language to use for the editor labels.
Headless Should the editor apply the required changes without opening.
A pile of polaroids

Respects your privacy and your users privacy

Image data stays in the browser.

We firmly believe privacy is important, especially so when dealing with images.

To make sure your users privacy is guaranteed, we don't store any user data and all image editing happens in the browser.

Fully functional on all modern browsers and devices

Tested and proven on a wide range of platforms.

Chrome, Chrome Android & iOS, Firefox, Firefox Android & iOS, Safari, Safari iOS, Edge, Edge Android & iOS, Opera, Opera Android & iOS

When a browser doesn't have the capabilities to run our editor we will gracefully fall back to the default file upload field.