Add an Image Cropper to File Request Pro

Add an image cropper to File Request Pro, set image requirements like crop aspect ratio, minimum image size, and resize width and height. Use CropGuide and start receiving better images.

Installing CropGuide

To get started we first need to create a CropGuide account

Log in to CropGuide and add your domain to the control panel.

The control panel will generate a unique script for your domain similar to the one shown below:

<script defer src="">
  1. Open your favorite text editor and edit the HTML of the page you want to add CropGuide to.

  2. Paste the CropGuide script for your domain right before the closing body tag </body>

  3. Save the page.

That's it! No further changes to File Request Pro, or your site, are needed, CropGuide will automatically load and crop images when they're added to File Request Pro.

You can adjust the behavior of CropGuide in the control panel for your domain, or you can set custom instructions per field.

Please feel free to reach out to us if you any questions.

Learn more about CropGuide

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