Help Customers Crop Images Before Uploading to Shopify

Be it t-shirts or birthday cakes. Everyone loves to customize things with their own pictures. But how do store owners make sure uploaded photos are in the correct aspect ratio and size for their products?

Image upload fields often show a list of image requirements.

For most customers, creating such an image will be quite a daunting task.

They might decide they don’t have the needed skills, or they could get frustrated and skip ordering all together.

Removing requirements will lower friction, but it will also result in image uploads that are just not of high quality enough for your product.

This will require contacting the customer to ask for a new image, or editing the image manually.

A time intensive process.

CropGuide makes all that a thing of the past.

Our photo editor sits between the file upload field on your Shopify store and the image the customer is about to upload.

  1. A customer adds an image to a file upload field
  2. CropGuide opens the image and shows the image editor
  3. The customer makes changes that match your requirements
  4. The edited image is uploaded

You set image requirements like resolution and aspect ratio, and the editor automatically makes sure customer images are edited to match your requirements.

Customers are no longer confronted with a list of requirements, they can just upload their image and the editor will help them create a fitting result.

Interested? Try a live demo of CropGuide

If you want to give CropGuide a try on your Shopify store you can follow our step by step Shopify installation guide, it makes it super easy to get started.

Feel free to reach out to us if you any questions.

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