Convert HEIC to JPEG on Wix Before Upload

Convert HEIC/HEIF images to JPEG before upload on Wix, we’re using CropGuide so no technical skills are required.

First we need to install CropGuide for Wix. Then we can set up HEIC?HEIF image conversion. It only takes a couple minutes.

Try CropGuide live on our product page

Enable HEIC image to JPEG conversion

The HEIC image to JPEG conversion property is new and not yet available as a setting in the CropGuide customer dashboard, we’ll have to set it manually.

Add a script tag to your site, and place it before the CropGuide script tag as can be seen below.

<!-- Our custom script tag -->
window.$cropguide = window.$cropguide || {
  fields: [
      selector: 'html',
      field: {
        convertHeic: true

<!-- The default CropGuide script tag -->
<script defer src=""></script>

That’s it. Let’s navigate to the form on your website and refresh the page so we can test if our new settings have loaded.

Apart from converting HEIC images to JPEG we can also apply other changes, like compressing images.

Test your image upload field

When using the image upload field on your Wix site, CropGuide will now convert HEIC images to the JPEG format, resulting in less hassle on the backend.

Try a CropGuide demo on the site, or reach out if you have any questions.

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